HARIO Lampwork Factory

All glass in HARIO Lampwork Factory jewelry is skillfully crafted and mounted by hand at workshops in Japan.Talented HARIO craftspeople are honing valuable skills that will lead to original new products and be passed on to future generations at HARIO.


Last a Lifetime, Leave a Smaller Footprint. Durability meets sustainability with our unbreakable tableware made from our unique blend of recyclable resin and glass, designed to last a lifetime and reduce waste.

Kanno Orimono

Kanno Orimono is a tenugui (Japanese hand towels) and towel manufacturer based in Osaka since 1898.
While there are multiple ways to dye and print tenugui patterns, Kanno Orimono works with craftsmen who specialize in a dying technique traditionally called “Chuu-sen”, which makes the finish even on both sides of the fabric.


LAKOLE items are “equipped” with Life Functions to ease small stresses in everyday life. Under the concept of “Easing This, That and Everything,” the brand will continue to develop many different Life Functions to make the lives of even more customers easier.


Takagi was born in 1866, as a simple sawsmith in Sanjo city, Niigata.
Over the years we have developed into a company selling a wide variety of professional cutting tools.

Choosing tools is the first step to sophisticated cuisine. DYK by Takagi presents kitchen tools that allow us to express our aesthetic sense freely.


Picus started their business in 2009 to provide products that attracts many users who are long-time users regardless of trend. The “Pure Brass” series such as the card cases, and trays were launched in 2011.
Now Picus makes original designs mainly focusing on desktop items made of pure brass, pure copper, and stainless steel for users to be able to feel and enjoy the texture and secular change.

Happa Stand

Happa Stand blends the Japanese traditional concepts of tea and vessels with the chic and modern lifestyle.

Craft Design Technology

Tokyo-based stationary brand Craft Design Technology was not named haphazardly. The company exists at the apex of its three named elements, with stationary products existing at their intersection, namely, perfect symbioses of craft, design and technology.

Hirota Glass

The start-to finish- handmade process of Hirota Glass makes for the highest quality possible and the total artistry expresses a sense of warmth when touched or seen on the dining table. Current head Tatsuaki Hirota boldly continues the legacy of his great, great, great grandfather creating glassware that captures Japan’s rich cultural epochs for the modern household.


Modern, Japanese made office tools for ultimate productivity. Work, create and store memories with our line of durably made, sleek items designed to meet office needs and expand the way that you work. Draft the perfect memo with our writing tools, straighten up the office with our organizing tools or put together a beautiful scrapbook with our photo albums. No matter the need, Nakabayashi provides the perfect tool.


Since its inception, KING JIM has been one of Japan’s industry leaders in the stationery and office tools category. Discover why it is still the brand creative minds value most.TEPRA Lite, is a gia Award Winning Palm-sized Label Printer that can easily create labels straight from your smartphone via Bluetooth.

shin rin yoku

Shin rin yoku from Hinohara,” is a brand that integrates everyday life with nature, allowing you to experience the healing properties of “forest bathing” through 100% hinoki products.


LUNDATTE believes that maintaining health starts with keeping your abdomen warm. CHO11802 combines “gut” (腸) and “superb” (超), offering high-waisted, reversible undergarments with rare Japanese technology. Soft, stretchy, and snug, these pants are perfect for sensitive stomachs and health-conscious individuals. Ideal for sleep, work, or running, CHO11802 brings a new level of comfort to your daily life.


Our vision is to become the most eco-friendly HASHI-chopsticks brand on the whole planet, and “to create HASHI to save the Earth”.
Our mission is to replace disposal Waribashi chopsticks, which is bad for the environment and leads to deforestation, dealing with eco-friendly and sustainable HASHI-chopsticks from around the world. Our products are born from three brand values: clean, organic, and sustainable.


INDEN est 1582. is established 400 years ago to outfit the Japanese Samurai, INDEN has taken that same craftsmanship and applied it to creating high end leather goods for men and women. Fashionistas everywhere have experienced the INDEN difference and we’d love to have you learn more about us too!

Sugai World

SUGAI WORLD, founded in 2011 in Tokyo, is a design gift maker with a playful attitude. Our playful products are now sold at lifestyle shops, museum stores, and similar shops around the world. Our products are proudly made in Japan using eco-friendly materials. Enjoy SUGAI WORLD with a playful and happy attitude!


Historically, Kanagawa Prefecture has been pioneering new waves in the field of manufacturing due to its rich environment surrounded by Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, and Pacific Ocean where there are abundant resources and excellent technologies. This year driven by our passion for craftmanship, we aim to create waves and bring our creations across the Pacific Ocean to America. Visit us to experience “Kanagawa’s craftsmanship,” where traditional technique meets innovative design.


Discover a new Kanji character every day with KOYOMI. This daily calendar features Kanji written by a master calligrapher, with meanings, stroke order, and practice space. Each character offers unique meanings and spirit. Enjoy a moment of focus and serenity with Japanese calligraphy where the Japanese Aesthetic is rooted in functionalism and the practical beauty of Zen.


Sonobe Sangyo focuses on medium volume production to offer practical and affordable tableware products that enrich daily life. Guided by our brand philosophy, “Effortlessly and Efficiently, until returns to Earth,” we are dedicated to crafting wooden goods with beautiful grain that seamlessly integrate into your everyday routines, embodying stylish design, functionality, and environmental consciousness.


Kaya collaborates with artisans to create beautiful pieces such as apparel, fashion accessories and unique gift items that fit modern lifestyle. Our products blend traditional Japanese craftmanship with contemporary design bringing a touch of Japan’s timeless beauty and comfort to your home.

Faux foods

Based in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Faux Food has been crafting high-quality food samples since 1973, recognized as a “Kawasaki Meister” for two generations. We are showcasing unique miniature food gift items using the artistry of creating food modeling, also known as food samples. We offer hands-on workshops and sell our products both domestically and internationally thorough our online store.

Kamakurabori SanSuiDo

Founded in 1980, Kamakurabori SanSuiDo has a long history of manufacturing beautiful wood carvings in Kamakura. We have participated in numerous international exhibitions to date. Our notable items, the “8-inch Thick Plate with Tataki Knife Marks” and “8-inch Plum-Shaped Plate” have been recognized as outstanding products at the Ambiente Frankfurt Trade Fair. Our “Chopsticks” were featured at MaisonWA in Paris.


Since 1937, Kitpas has been a leading chalk manufacturer, widely used in Japan’s educational settings with capturing over 70% market share. Our Kitpas products allow creative drawing and painting on window glass using eco-friendly rice wax, supporting sustainable development. We are dedicated to inclusivity, with about 70% of our team comprising individuals with intellectual disabilities.


Our motto, “Functional and Fun!” drives RiraRiraHanko to create unique stamps and merchandise that enhance daily experiences. Artist RiraRira’s humorous and distinctive designs stand out in a digital age, offering one-of-a-kind items crafted with traditional Japanese seal-making techniques. Explore our wide range of products featuring over 1500 unique items while peeking into the delightful world of Artistry RiraRira.

Kawasaki City Store

KAWASAKI CITY STORE will send the curated collection of products from City of Kawasaki in Japan.KAWASAKI CITY is located just west of Tokyo in Japan. the city has contributed Japanese industrialization and modernization.Furthermore, KAWASAKI CITY is one of The 53 Stations of the Tokaido (Hiroshige Utagawa,1832-1833) and is along the Tokaido road, the highway connecting Edo to Kyoto.Accordingly, we respect not only Japanese modern cultures but also Japanese traditional cultures.Through this store, overseas customers can purchase a variety of products made by Japanese specialists from glass artisans to sheet metal workers.


It had been a longtime dream of our company to launch our own original products.Our company has a long track record in processing thick iron plates, and we have more confidence in processing iron plates than processing general thin plates. This is the result of the fact that among our signature products are the main components of elevators, and we have a history of manufacturing parts that are safe, reliable, and durable. We wanted to harness our expertise in this area to create products that are sturdy and can be used for a long time.


We approach design with the attitude of “creating a vision of the future.We are engaged in a total range of services, including planning and development using new materials and processing technologies, product design, branding, packaging, and business cooperation by exhibiting at trade shows.We have been planning, manufacturing, and selling our own products such as eco & SDGs design.

Hobonichi Globe

Prepare to be amazed by the extraordinary world of Hobonichi GLOBE! It’s not just a globe; it’s a mind-bending fusion of tradition and cutting-edge AR technology. Grab your smartphone or tablet, point it at the GLOBE, and watch as the magic unfolds. The entire world comes alive, unveiling a tapestry of information about our planet.


We, Kokusai Display Kogyo Co., Ltd., began our journey in 1950 under the name Kokusai Model Laboratory as a creator of battery-operated wooden model boats. Through numerous inventions and developments, we have grown into a leading maker of POP advertising displays focusing on the fun of movement.In the 1990s, we further evolved our technology of movement, developing the world’s first solar cell operated “Lucky Cats”, becoming a pioneer in the solar-powered toy industry.With these creations as a foundation, we introduced our interior brand, “KOKUSAI DSP.” in 2012, aiming to bring subtle yet impactful changes in people’s lives and promoting emotional enrichment through innovative product creation. The brand expertly curates an assortment of new, creative, and inspiring merchandise.


The concept of ataraina comes fromthe idea that “it would be good if it existed”.That’s why we’ve developed three handy products.In October 2016, the ataraina brand was created. The meaning ofthe word ataraina in Japanese is “it would be good if it existed”.We included the idea of making people feel close to theknow-how of Creative Technology Co. in the semiconductor field.With a dream of making a more comfortable world, we carried out research day and night, collecting the most satisfactory results to create the article with the best end result and sell it.
Our goal is that in the future everybody has an ataraina product in their home.

Hinomoto Hanpu

“Hinomotohanpu” is founded in 1985, located in Yonezawa city, Yamagata prefecture, Japan. Our bags are all handmade by craftsman here with strong concept “That can be used for long time”.


One of Japan’s most cherished cultural treasures, the kimono obi, is being transformed into highly coveted, ethically crafted, and stylishly designed obi bags and interior accessories. Each piece in this collection is a meticulously crafted, unique creation.Award winning master artisans and designers from Sendai bring the beauty of traditional Japanese patterns and weaving techniques to the world, showcasing the elegance and sophistication of “wagara” and “ori.”


Our brand “MARUSHIN MAKOTOSAKU” is made entirely by hand by MAKOTO TADOKORO, a skilled craftsman with over 30 years of experience.Products “produced from the user’s perspective” are not only beautiful to look at, but also sharp and durable, and anyone can easily restore the sharpness with a whetstone.This is very important for using Japanese knives for a long time without stress, and is the main reason why our product “MARUSHIN MAKOTOSAKU” has gained tremendous support from top chefs and knife enthusiasts.

Separate Yukata

Separate Yukata is a revolutionary type of yukata that is easy to wear even by oneself. It consists of a top and a wrap skirt that are simply tied with strings. The appearance remains traditional thanks to the integrated ohashori (a folded fabric section), maintaining the classic yukata look. It features a smooth texture that feels comfortable and is resistant to wrinkles. Additionally, it can be washed in a regular household washing machine. The obi (belt) is designed for easy attachment with a one-touch system, using hook-and-loop fasteners to allow for simple size adjustments.


Kokusai Model Laboratory was first established in 1950, as a creator of manganese battery operated wooden models. Through numerous inventions and developments, such as the first Japanese solar cell operated “Lucky Cats”, we have grown into a pioneer of moving POP advertising display manufacturers. Our brand “Kokusai DSP.” established in 2012 curates many new creative and inspiring merchandise.


Maruman started as a sketchbook company in Japan more than 100 years ago. Now, we are dedicated to offer binders, loose leaf refills, and notebooks over 20 countries. Our goal is to provide smooth writing and drawing paper for users regardless of their purposes and uses. Needless to say, we also demand the highest quality and standard in material parts with safety and durability. Whenever our product users want to draw something more interesting or come up with a novel business idea, we will always be with our users to share the moments that inspire their imagination, mind, and thoughts. Because we firmly believe that passion, hope, and struggle and joy in creating something new will help grow as a person. Helping everybody expand their creativity. Creative Support Company. We are Maruman.


Bringing a sparkle to your everyday. Lin exudes a luxe sparkle and elegant aesthetic created by our craftsmen. With a finish like metal and glossy coloration that changes with each angle, this is a cutting-edge Arita ware brand. Our unstinting pursuit of beauty beckons you towards a richer, more luxurious everyday


Hightide is a brand from Fukuoka, Japan, specializing in office supplies and stationery. We offer simple yet functional products from pens to storage containers, in a variety of styles with a common sense of nostalgia.
Our mission is to bring about a lifestyle of feeling fulfilled, like the ocean reaching high tide.


Rebolld is a brand of manufacturers that produces baseballs, established in 1952. They aim to bring the joy of baseball into people’s daily lives. Craftsmen meticulously handcraft each baseball, ensuring that they are made with care and precision.

V :: room

Launched in 2004 located NYC. Lux and Cozy wear, based on close attention to detail and no compromise on quality of materials, cut or sewing,

Japan Street

JAPAN STREET is an online catalog site that can be viewed only by a limited number of overseas buyers who are invited by JETRO. Once you become a registered member, you can search finest Japanese products on JAPAN STREET anytime anywhere!

Ouchi Kougei

Ouchi Kogei was founded in 1974 against the backdrop of rich forests in the northwestern part of Oita Prefecture. Since its founding, we have continued to make tableware and kitchen tools with excellent practicality and functional beauty, using high-quality Moso bamboo grown in the bamboo grove around the workshop as a material. Bamboo chopsticks made from supple and straight Moso bamboo are synonymous with Ouchi crafts. Chopsticks, which are light and easy to fit in your hands, have been loved for generations.


KODAI began as a manufacturer of cutting boards and bath mats. Starting from scratch, the company has continued to grow over half a century, developing various products using Japanese cypress.Since the company’s founding, we have been exploring the extensive possibilities of Japanese cypress.Recent years have seen a shift in global environmental awareness. At KODAI, we are working to contribute to the well-being of our planet through environmentally-conscious initiatives. Based in Fukushima, Japan, we hope to share KODAI products with people around the world.


“Based on the “gifts” of the antiques, vintage parts, and inspirations that we have collected by traveling all over the world, we design and create items with a twist that makes people smile.
The brand name “Aquvii,” which translates to “yawning” in Japanese, encompasses our wish that a smile would gradually pass from person to person.”

Tema Hima Specialty Food

Tema Hima Specialty Food offers a selection of carefully curated Japanese foods and condiments.


MOHEIM has introduced a variety of items for living spaces, from tableware to furniture and creates “new standards” with minimalism and simplicity to enrich the lives of those who own our products. We use traditional techniques and advanced technology to give shape to our products with an ethical approach in line with the times.

Jalan Japan

Discover the beauty of Japanese modern interior design with “JalanJapan”
As a wholesale distributor in Shibuya, Tokyo, we offer an unparalleled selection of high-quality items crafted and made by artisans/makers from all corners of Japan.
Our skilled team ensures that your purchases are expertly packaged and shipped using the most cost-effective methods available.


Reela by Yamato Tokorotani

Founded in 1963 as a Sandals maker in Ehime Japan. Since its founding, with the concept of “walking is living”, we have pursued “ease of wearing” by accumulating research and achievements in walking.Using the production technology of sandals and using wooden molds, craftsmen are handmade and consistently produce.



Floyd products are born from where our awareness intersects with a change in perspective. Our designs are not based on shape or superficial decoration, rather, we reinterpret the world as it exists to create value with original ideas and innovative approaches, focusing on originality and our process. Our mission is to share the sense of emotion and surprise that can come from when we see things through the playful spirit of the imagination.


“Underwear for socks” provides comfort to more people’s feet. A developer who has been suffering from foot stuffiness for 17 years proposes a new inner style that combines “Japanese paper thread” and “fingertip cut 5 fingers”.

M (E)

Deodorant bags that are generally sold leak odors. We have developed a bag that really does not smell. In collaboration with a famous Japanese designer, it is recommended as a gift in a package that does not interfere with your lifestyle.


MIYAO is based in Toki City of Gifu Prefecture, Japan, which is a region known to manufacture a large portion of Japan’s pottery. They work with local craftsmen as well as factories to design / produce their original products.


Otani Kiasaku Shouten

Healing traditional crafts that are close to daily life In Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, we manufacture and sell various metal arts and crafts, including traditional crafts Takaoka copperware. A metal product made by pouring molten metal into a mold, cooling it to harden it, and then removing it from the mold is called casting. We have been making casting products such as zodiac figurines, various figurines, incense burners, and incense stands that are close to you and can watch over you for more than half a century.


Murakami Pile

“Comfortable” towels with abundant designs and reliable quality We want to make good towels. With that in mind, Murakami Pile was born in 1960 in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture. We would like to work hard to make better products so that everyone will be pleased as much as possible. We want you to cherish “good things” for yourself. We would be happy if one of them was our towel.


HARIO started in 1921 as the “King of Glass” which means HARIO in Japanese, and runs Japan’s only heat resistant glass factory.

Since then, HARIO has been Japan’s leading heat resistant glassware industry in the kitchen ware, coffee, tea, and other fields of the market.





Founded around 1700 in the middle of the Edo period. It is a kiln of Obori Soma ware, a traditional craft of Fukushima, Japan. In 2011, due to the nuclear accident, we moved to Koriyama City, Fukushima prefecture. And in a new land, we use local clay to create new products that are different from the past. Recently, we have been exploring the possibilities of new craft genres by combining other local crafts in the region. We are not aiming for products that are trendy but products that have lasting values. With this idea in mind, we are developing unique products.

R+E Tumbler

Saiei Silk


Kyoto Asahiya

Iwaki Takahashi

Established in Aug. 2010, Iwaki Takahashi is a company that upcycles thinned Cedar in Iwaki, Fukushima prefecture into multiple products, such as waribashi (disposable chopsticks) and pencils. All leftover wood and used disposable chopsticks from the manufacturing process are burned in a wood-fired boiler, converted into heat, and used to dry new disposable chopsticks. We work very hard day after day, and aim for “A disposable chopstick production method that is good for the environment and its people”


Starting with ANAheim and Upgrade as original brand and Candy Design & Works as Japan domestic brand, we develop selected and original products around the world.

Sakura Waqs

A small leather goods company based in the industrial outskirts of Tokyo, run by a third-generation female CEO. Started by her grandfather, a skilled leather craftsman who originally began crafting leather bags and belts for Japanese department stores, Sakura has evolved into its own brand of fine leather goods designed in house under the direction of the family matriarch.

Souta Kiln

Souta Kiln is based in Arita, Saga prefecture in Japan,and making their original porcelain table ware.Japanese porcelain was born in Arita more than 400 years ago,and it is one of the biggest porcelain industrial area in Japan.The tableware made in Arita town, is called “Aritayaki”.


Ban Inoue


Sakiori Chicka



The brand was created in 2020 to provide advanced care in its most humble way. Our formulas are safe for daily use and designed to deliver utmost efficacy of what essential oils have to offer.

Tezukuri Marche



Studio Zok


Touch Classic


+ lab

Ceramic Japan


Ohkan Kagaku Kogyosyo


Nihon Lock Service


Shikki Isuke

Nihon Sweden

Hattando Incense Stick

Shinto Towel

Koizumi Glass

Hasami Porcelain



Toyo Glass

Toyama Hamono




Toyo Steel




Kishimoto Kichiji Shouten




TRIAD Omoshiroi Block

Spring Spring

CORINO 2.9-1.0 


Tsuki Usagi



Paper Project







Senshudo Japan

We have been crafting Japanese lacquerware since 1880.This is our debut exhibition in the United States. We have brought two sake-related items to enhance the enjoyment of Japanese sake.The ‘Senshudo sake cup’ is designed for savoring sake with both heart and flavor, while ‘SHURING’ is a charm that attaches to wine glasses, adding a unique touch to the experience.Why not indulge in the pleasure of Japanese sake with a tradition that has persisted for 500 years!


GEO GAMES is a new board game brand by an educational toy supplier GEO JAPAN which deepens family time and bonding.The game concept is “geometry,” “color,” “sensation,” and “learning” which can be embraced by children and adults alike,and by people around the world, regardless of nationality.Our Games can be enjoyed together adults and children with simple 1 min rule explanation.We commit the the play time should be fun for both children and their parents.


Brand based in Japan, was established 50 years ago. We make your dishwashing a comfortable and enjoyable time. It is minimalist design that is easy to carry and storage, also can use daily life and on a journey also.


Dainichi Corporation has been making Kitchen Solids Detergent since 1973. we have created a new series of cleaning products that change the work of dishwashing to “care”.


The Takaoka Copperware Cooperative Association and Otani Kisaku Shouten created the collaboration brand “OMOSHI” from the desire to further enliven the historic Takaoka copperware. The brand name is a combination of the characteristic of iron, “weight”, and the dialect “omoshi” (interesting), which is also used in Toyama Prefecture


Takenaka Bento has been creating eco-friendly, reusable bento boxes for over 90 years. Unlike other mass-produced bento boxes, our products are made with recyclable PET bottles, BPA and Lead free and come in a variety of colors and designs to best fit all customers needs. We’ve even been named ‘favorite bento box’ by New Times Wirecutter!


Our head office is located in Osaka, and we have a hat factory in Kumamoto Prefecture that is capable of in-house integrated production.The traditions and techniques we have cultivated over our 60-year history enable us to create a wide variety of products with a high degree of freedom.Wool and angora products are dyed in-house using groundwater from the Aso mountain range and dried in the sun. They are molded with our original various types of molds.


At 100percent, our products are designed in Japan and made with the utmost quality in mind. Many of our items are thoughfully designed and produced by combining centuries-old, traditional Japanese beauty with new,
cutting-edge processes; we aim to form a creation that may resemble something that seems familiar, while also improving it in ways that define innovation.


Founded by copywriter Shigesato Itoi in 1998, Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun, also known as “Hobonichi,” is our flagship website which offers a variety of free content, such as interviews, essays, and live blogs, covering an endless range of topics. In addition to the Hobonichi Techo, the website sells many other original products. Prepare to be amazed by the extraordinary world of Hobonichi GLOBE! It’s not just a globe; it’s a mind-bending fusion of tradition and cutting-edge AR technology. Grab your smartphone or tablet, point it at the GLOBE, and watch as the magic unfolds. The entire world comes alive, unveiling a tapestry of information about our planet.

Deeper into Fukushima

Fukushima Prefecture, located in Northeast Japan, is a region with beautiful nature in each of the four seasons and remains a lot of history and traditions. This time in NYNOW, we will be focusing on “food-related products” cultivated by its rich resources and craftmanship to take you deeper into Fukushima!

Odawaraya Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1933, we manufacture pickles using only basic seasonings such as soy sauce, salt, and sugar without using chemical seasonings as much as possible. And we also manufacture seasonings that accompany rice.

Kiten Co., Ltd.

KITEN is developing the SIOME brand, a cotton brand that uses cotton organically grown in-house and handles everything from spinning to sewing in Japan. Cotton cultivation in Fukushima started after the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the cotton has been steadily sprouting in Fukushima with hopes for the revival of the disaster-stricken areas. SIOME designs its products based on the concept of “constancy and uniqueness,” and commercializes them with the help of its advanced domestic technology. Our dream is to promote “monozukuri” (craftsmanship) in which the lives of the people who make and use our products interact with each other, and through this relationship, the local economy circulates.


Established in 1901 in Fukushima prefecture, Kijidokoro Sato is a workshop for making traditional Japanese Kokeshi dolls. We take pride in creating kokeshi dolls that are loved by generations to come, while preserving the traditional techniques handed down since the Yayoi period (c. 300 BCE-300 CE).All of the wood used for our products is natural Japanese wood. We are committed to making products with a lot of “time, effort, and thought of our craftsmen”.


Founded in 2019 in Fukushima, we manufacture and sell leather products using restoration techniques for tools used in cultural assets and traditional folk arts in Japan. Using traditional techniques that have been passed down for hundreds of years, we deliver authentic products including skilled craftsmanship, quality, and the beauty and precision of design.

KUBOKI Co., Ltd.

TATAMI specialty brand established in 1740 from Japan. Our dream is to spread tatami to the future and to the world. We are working to bring the warmth and calmness of traditional Japanese tatami to everyone.

Hachirohei Kitami Shoten

Hachirohei Kitami Shoten is an Aizu lacquerware specialty store founded in 1852. Especially the lacquerware made in Kitakata area is characterized by its smooth texture and excellent heat- and cold-retention properties, and suitable for daily-use.We approach our manufacturing from the perspective of “how can we make our products easier to use and more delicious to eat? We provide lacquerware that brings a smile to the dining table, accompanies daily life, and deepens the bonds between people through dining.


Wakayama products are filled with the wisdom that has been cultivated over the years to enrich people’s hearts and minds. Through the participation in NY NOW, we will deliver the attractive Wakayama products to the world. Please come and see “Wakayama’s craftsmanship” created by traditional and innovative techniques.

Broom Craft

Kishu’s palm brooms have a long history, but with the passage of time and changes in lifestyles, their use is gradually decreasing, and the number of producers is also decreasing.In order to develop broom craftsmen, we launched a training project, and now our products are mainly made by female craftsmen.We have improved the shape and size to make it easier to use in modern daily life, and aim to create something that can continue to be used traditionally in the future.


Our company has been involved in lacquerware for many years. We have been in business since 1904, changing our business format depending on the times. Currently, we have become a leading company selling lacquerware through e-commerce.We value good relationships with local lacquerware manufacturers with whom we have long-standing relationships, and now handle over 4,000 items. I would like to contribute to traditional crafts and local communities, which are in decline.

Takechiyo Company, Ltd.

Through the sale of bamboo lanterns, bamboo materials, and lumber, Takechiyo Co., Ltd. will work to discover human resources throughout Japan who will put down roots in their local communities and lead the future, and to make bamboo lanterns a “light of hope” for the region so that one day all of Japan will be connected like a bamboo forest connected by the same roots, and many aspiring thoughts and dreams will sprout in a flexible, strong, and robust manner throughout Japan.

sakabe brush Co.,Ltd.

We, Sakabe Brush, were founded in 1947 in Kainan City, Wakayama Prefecture.Since then, we have been making our own original brushes.Sakabe Brush is to create the original.


These products are the creation of Minami Kobo.Minami Kobo was established in 2001.
People employed in Minami Kobo include those with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, developmental disabilities and Down syndrome as well as a support staff of thirteen.Everything is carried out at Minami Kobo: from the sowing of the seeds, the harvesting of the plants, the fermentation process and the making of the dyes.
The same applies to the hand weaving and the dying of the textiles.Our purpose is an independent social life.

Maruki Co., Ltd.

Our name is Maruki Co., Ltd.Our company manufactures building materials, fittings, furniture, and toys using natural wood, mainly local Kishu cedar and cypress.From Mihama Town, Wakayama Prefecture, a place rich in nature between the sea and the mountains, we are working every day to propose a richer life that can be obtained by connecting trees and people, and for a better future!You can feel warmth with the “three senses” of touching with bare skin = “touch”, seeing with your eyes = “sight”, and feeling the scent with your nose = “smell”.On the other hand, each tree has a different look. Hard wood, soft wood. Small nodes, large nodes. Just like people, each wood grain is different, and each tree has its own personality. We create products that take advantage of the rich individuality and characteristics born from nature.We will put our heart and effort into our products, and send out kindness and warmth to the world through manufacturing so that as many people as possible can feel the once-in-a-lifetime encounter between “unique trees” and “people”!

Sanko Co., Ltd.

Our company manufactures general household products. Our original household products are manufactured in Japan, and we provide and sell high quality products that can be used with confidence. Specifically, our main products are mats and cleaners. Tile mats and chair mats for rooms are long-selling products. Cleaners are products for toilets, kitchens, and baths.We have two brands. The first is “Okudake Adsorption,” a unique adsorption process. The numerous pores in the suction part of the mat or sheet are applied to the mat or sheet from above, causing it to adhere to the floor like a suction cup.The second is “Bikkuri Fresh,” a fiber that can remove stains with just water. The thin, soft fibers of the cleaner scrub away dirt from hard-to-remove areas without scratching them. It dries quickly because it drains well.This year marks 60 years since we have been producing products loved by our customers. Sales exceeded 3.2 billion yen last year and are increasing every year. We would like you to take a look at our registered products and contact us. We hope to fulfill your requests as much as possible and continue our good relationship across borders. We look forward to working with you.


GLASS JAPAN which was born by traditional technique of Kuroe and new idea. The lacquering was unsuitable for the field of Western style dishes which often use fork and knife that was easy to be scratched on the surface so far. GLASS JAPAN changed an image of the conventional lacquerware by fusing rich expression of URUSHI into the transparency of the glass.

Origin Leather Japan

Wakayama, Japan Wearing Deep Forest Nature.
Tradition that Carved History from Ancient and Leather of Circulation of Cultural Life.

Naka Shige International,LTD.

The company is headquartered in Kainan City, Wakayama Prefecture, which is also the production center of Kishu lacquerware. Kishu lacquerware (Kuroe-nuri) is flourishing in Kainan City, where the head office is located, and the company is involved in joint development with Kuroe-nuri people. We are developing products that take advantage of the design of Kishu lacquerware, a traditional craft, as well as original dishwasher-safe coats for commercial use. We are engaged in the business of developing products that incorporate not only traditional wooden lacquerware but also new forms in accordance with the times.


Our company was founded in Osaka Japan in 1952.A toothbrush manufacturer with patented technology.The number of employees is 35.Capital is US$150,000,Recent sales are $4 million.We introduce our product. They are very unique form. And feature is as below.✔️ Rare and Special shape ALL-NEW 360-degree! Easy to brush! ✔️ Microfine 0.06~0.08mm bristles ✔️ More than 15-20 times the number of bristles(15,000 bristles) in a typical toothbrush! ✔️ Removes 98.4% of dental plaque from teeth! ✔️Made of polypropylene and nylon only ✔ No metal. Can be maintained using chlorine sterilization.As a result of our constant efforts ✔️ Have been approved by the U.S. FDA, and use BPA-free plastics. ✔️ Succeeded to make tips of bristles which are all rounded! ✔️ Have manufacturing patent! ✔️ Have won many awards! In Japan.

Chushin Kobo

Chushin Kobo is a casting iron workshop we propose items that fit modern lifestyles. There are a number of techniques of Yamagata-casting that create items for tea ceremonies. Taking each of them and combining with modern designs gives birth to this new lifestyle tool. Chushin Kobo was founded in 1997 aiming to produce and distribute the items designed by Hisanori Masuda.

Yamamoto Farm Corporation

Yamamoto Farm is a family-owned business established with the vision of promoting natural and sustainable skincare solutions by utilizing the local konjac root plant produced in Gunma Prefecture, Japan.

Kotodo Takahashi Corporation

KOTODO takes pride in its company’s profound history of unequaled service, exquisite craftsmanship, and a culture of honesty. Founded in 1910 in Tokyo, Japan, KOTODO has been the leading manufacturer of high-grade tin tea canisters for 111 years.


conte is a brand making tools in the major production area for stainless steel processing of Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture. It is said that the whole city is a factory. Our kitchen utensils finished through the application of various specialized skills, are not flashy but comfortable to use and become essential to your everyday cooking.

MT-Torimatsu Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1937, we have been a general wholesale distributor for commercial kitchen equipment products for over 80 years. We are one of the well-established companies in Tsubame City, Niigata, that is well known for its high-quality stainless-steel products. We mainly specialize in providing commercial kitchen equipment and school meal supply products. We have business relations with commercial kitchen equipment retailers, home kitchen equipment retailers, and school meal supply centers throughout Japan.

Bijutsukibako URATA

Using only safe and secure domestic paulownia wood, our craftsmen make and sell modern, simple, and well-designed kitchen goods by hand. We have specialized in paulownia wooden boxes since the Edo period (1603-1868), and have been manufacturing and selling paulownia products to suit various people’s lifestyles, taking advantage of our advanced technology cultivated over the years.


Ever since our founding in 1953, we have specialized in creating reinforced porcelain products that are sturdy and difficult to break. We have produced 300 different original products, with a focus on our signature bowls.


A manufacturer of Nagoya folding fans, a traditional craft of Nagoya. We have been making it for over 100 years. We propose fans that match the new era as well as old fans.


Ceramic Japan was established in 1973 in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, a historic town of ceramics, and we have been producing many ceramic products by combining a wide range of talented designers and traditional techniques handed down in Seto with a consistent design policy since our establishment.


A stone company newly established by Ryota Inagaki, the fourth generation of the Inagaki family who has been running a stone store for generations.


We had been inspired by Japan’s original sense of spirit “wabi-sabi” (aesthetic sense in Japanese art emphasizing quiet simplicity and subdued refinement) as well as colors that express the four seasons.

Suikaen Tanimura Yasaburo Shoten

Handing down a history of over 500 years and long-developed artisanship, we continue to make chasen (tea whisks), which embody the heart of hospitality by connecting people with each other over a cup of tea.


Setta made in Nara Prefecture, a traditional industry of Nara Prefecture that has continued since the Edo period. Our brand offers setta with new designs, while maintaining traditional techniques and sticking to materials and textiles.

Tsunoda Seibee Shoten Co., Ltd.

We have been offering quality products since the end of the Edo period, around 190 years ago. In order to offer an enriched experience to our customers, we value quality first and uncompromisingly design products.

Taniguchi Aoya Washi Co., Ltd.

AOYA : The brand name for our originally manufactured items, derived from its origin place. Trying to re-define washi, finding a good balance between tradition and innovation, Taniguchi Aoya Washi will unceasingly create new ideas, developing and improving our technologies and techniques.

Naigai Tengu Chosi

We’ve produced WASI Japanese paper for four generations as the family business since about 1877. We founded Naigai Tengujo paper Co., Ltd. In 1958.