Kokusai Model Laboratory was first established in 1950, as a creator of manganese battery operated wooden models. Through numerous inventions and developments, such as the first Japanese solar cell operated “Lucky Cats”, we have grown into a pioneer of moving POP advertising display manufacturers. Our brand “Kokusai DSP.” established in 2012 curates many new creative and inspiring merchandise.


Maruman started as a sketchbook company in Japan more than 100 years ago. Now, we are dedicated to offer binders, loose leaf refills, and notebooks over 20 countries. Our goal is to provide smooth writing and drawing paper for users regardless of their purposes and uses. Needless to say, we also demand the highest quality and standard in material parts with safety and durability. Whenever our product users want to draw something more interesting or come up with a novel business idea, we will always be with our users to share the moments that inspire their imagination, mind, and thoughts. Because we firmly believe that passion, hope, and struggle and joy in creating something new will help grow as a person. Helping everybody expand their creativity. Creative Support Company. We are Maruman.


Bringing a sparkle to your everyday. Lin exudes a luxe sparkle and elegant aesthetic created by our craftsmen. With a finish like metal and glossy coloration that changes with each angle, this is a cutting-edge Arita ware brand. Our unstinting pursuit of beauty beckons you towards a richer, more luxurious everyday


HARIO Lampwork Factory

All glass in HARIO Lampwork Factory jewelry is skillfully crafted and mounted by hand at workshops in Japan.Talented HARIO craftspeople are honing valuable skills that will lead to original new products and be passed on to future generations at HARIO.

Past Exhibitor: Ouchi Kougei

Ouchi Kogei was founded in 1974 against the backdrop of rich forests in the northwestern part of Oita Prefecture. Since its founding, we have continued to make tableware and kitchen tools with excellent practicality and functional beauty, using high-quality Moso bamboo grown in the bamboo grove around the workshop as a material. Bamboo chopsticks made from supple and straight Moso bamboo are synonymous with Ouchi crafts. Chopsticks, which are light and easy to fit in your hands, have been loved for generations.


Founded in 1912, a sensu (traditional Japanese fan) making company that is based in Nagoya ,Japan


Last a Lifetime, Leave a Smaller Footprint. Durability meets sustainability with our unbreakable tableware made from our unique blend of recyclable resin and glass, designed to last a lifetime and reduce waste.


“Based on the “gifts” of the antiques, vintage parts, and inspirations that we have collected by traveling all over the world, we design and create items with a twist that makes people smile.
The brand name “Aquvii,” which translates to “yawning” in Japanese, encompasses our wish that a smile would gradually pass from person to person.”

Kanno Orimoto

Kanno Orimono is a tenugui (Japanese hand towels) and towel manufacturer based in Osaka since 1898.
While there are multiple ways to dye and print tenugui patterns, Kanno Orimono works with craftsmen who specialize in a dying technique traditionally called “Chuu-sen”, which makes the finish even on both sides of the fabric.

Reela by Yamato Tokorotani

Founded in 1963 as a Sandals maker in Ehime Japan. Since its founding, with the concept of “walking is living”, we have pursued “ease of wearing” by accumulating research and achievements in walking.Using the production technology of sandals and using wooden molds, craftsmen are handmade and consistently produce.


LAKOLE items are “equipped” with Life Functions to ease small stresses in everyday life. Under the concept of “Easing This, That and Everything,” the brand will continue to develop many different Life Functions to make the lives of even more customers easier.


Floyd products are born from where our awareness intersects with a change in perspective. Our designs are not based on shape or superficial decoration, rather, we reinterpret the world as it exists to create value with original ideas and innovative approaches, focusing on originality and our process. Our mission is to share the sense of emotion and surprise that can come from when we see things through the playful spirit of the imagination.


Takagi was born in 1866, as a simple sawsmith in Sanjo city, Niigata.
Over the years we have developed into a company selling a wide variety of professional cutting tools.

Choosing tools is the first step to sophisticated cuisine. DYK by Takagi presents kitchen tools that allow us to express our aesthetic sense freely.

100 percent

We aim for nothing less than 100%, and create unwavering values.”100%” and “Absolute” may be the domain of Buddha or Gods and something unachievable by human means.However, when you aim for 100% and create something close, it moves the hearts of people and gives birth to an unwavering sense of value.We trust our intuition and create a form that is true to our inspiration.We eliminate all excess and humbly pursue nothing less than “100%”.Commercialization is not the end, we want to further improve and change, and continue to seek what arouses latent desire

Otani Kiasaku Shouten

Healing traditional crafts that are close to daily life In Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, we manufacture and sell various metal arts and crafts, including traditional crafts Takaoka copperware. A metal product made by pouring molten metal into a mold, cooling it to harden it, and then removing it from the mold is called casting. We have been making casting products such as zodiac figurines, various figurines, incense burners, and incense stands that are close to you and can watch over you for more than half a century.

Murakami Pile

“Comfortable” towels with abundant designs and reliable quality We want to make good towels. With that in mind, Murakami Pile was born in 1960 in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture. We would like to work hard to make better products so that everyone will be pleased as much as possible. We want you to cherish “good things” for yourself. We would be happy if one of them was our towel.


HARIO started in 1921 as the “King of Glass” which means HARIO in Japanese, and runs Japan’s only heat resistant glass factory.

Since then, HARIO has been Japan’s leading heat resistant glassware industry in the kitchen ware, coffee, tea, and other fields of the market.



Picus started their business in 2009 to provide products that attracts many users who are long-time users regardless of trend. The “Pure Brass” series such as the card cases, and trays were launched in 2011.
Now Picus makes original designs mainly focusing on desktop items made of pure brass, pure copper, and stainless steel for users to be able to feel and enjoy the texture and secular change.

Craft Design Technology

Tokyo-based stationary brand Craft Design Technology was not named haphazardly. The company exists at the apex of its three named elements, with stationary products existing at their intersection, namely, perfect symbioses of craft, design and technology.

Hirota Glass

The start-to finish- handmade process of Hirota Glass makes for the highest quality possible and the total artistry expresses a sense of warmth when touched or seen on the dining table. Current head Tatsuaki Hirota boldly continues the legacy of his great, great, great grandfather creating glassware that captures Japan’s rich cultural epochs for the modern household.

Souta Kiln

Souta Kiln is based in Arita, Saga prefecture in Japan,and making their original porcelain table ware.Japanese porcelain was born in Arita more than 400 years ago,and it is one of the biggest porcelain industrial area in Japan.The tableware made in Arita town, is called “Aritayaki”.

Past Exhibitor: HIGHTIDE

Hightide is a brand from Fukuoka, Japan, specializing in office supplies and stationery. We offer simple yet functional products from pens to storage containers, in a variety of styles with a common sense of nostalgia.
Our mission is to bring about a lifestyle of feeling fulfilled, like the ocean reaching high tide.


Rebolld is a brand of manufacturers that produces baseballs, established in 1952. They aim to bring the joy of baseball into people’s daily lives. Craftsmen meticulously handcraft each baseball, ensuring that they are made with care and precision.

Past Exhibitor: V :: room

Launched in 2004 located NYC. Lux and Cozy wear, based on close attention to detail and no compromise on quality of materials, cut or sewing,

Past Exhibitor: Japan Street

JAPAN STREET is an online catalog site that can be viewed only by a limited number of overseas buyers who are invited by JETRO. Once you become a registered member, you can search finest Japanese products on JAPAN STREET anytime anywhere!

Past Exhibitor: Kodai

Past Exhibitor: Tema Hima Specialty Food

Tema Hima Specialty Food offers a selection of carefully curated Japanese foods and condiments.

Past Exhibitor: MOHEIM

MOHEIM has introduced a variety of items for living spaces, from tableware to furniture and creates “new standards” with minimalism and simplicity to enrich the lives of those who own our products. We use traditional techniques and advanced technology to give shape to our products with an ethical approach in line with the times.

Past Exhibitor: Jalan Japan

Discover the beauty of Japanese modern interior design with “JalanJapan”
As a wholesale distributor in Shibuya, Tokyo, we offer an unparalleled selection of high-quality items crafted and made by artisans/makers from all corners of Japan.
Our skilled team ensures that your purchases are expertly packaged and shipped using the most cost-effective methods available.

Past Exhibitor: AIZUHONGO YAKI

Past Exhibitor: CHOPLATE

Past Exhibitor: suwashi

“Underwear for socks” provides comfort to more people’s feet. A developer who has been suffering from foot stuffiness for 17 years proposes a new inner style that combines “Japanese paper thread” and “fingertip cut 5 fingers”.

Past Exhibitor: M (E)

Deodorant bags that are generally sold leak odors. We have developed a bag that really does not smell. In collaboration with a famous Japanese designer, it is recommended as a gift in a package that does not interfere with your lifestyle.

Past Exhibitor: MIYAO

MIYAO is based in Toki City of Gifu Prefecture, Japan, which is a region known to manufacture a large portion of Japan’s pottery. They work with local craftsmen as well as factories to design / produce their original products.

Past Exhibitor: Toku

Past Exhibitor: KINOWA

Past Exhibitor: Shirayuki

Past Exhibitor: 18th

Past Exhibitor: Asakanogama 

Past Exhibitor: Happa Stand

Happa Stand blends the Japanese traditional concepts of tea and vessels with the chic and modern lifestyle.

Past Exhibitor: R+E Tumbler

Past Exhibitor: Saiei Silk

Past Exhibitor: WATAOKA

Past Exhibitor: Kyoto Asahiya

Past Exhibitor: Iwaki Takahashi

Past Exhibitor: Detail

Starting with ANAheim and Upgrade as original brand and Candy Design & Works as Japan domestic brand, we develop selected and original products around the world.

Past Exhibitor: Sakura Waqs

A small leather goods company based in the industrial outskirts of Tokyo, run by a third-generation female CEO. Started by her grandfather, a skilled leather craftsman who originally began crafting leather bags and belts for Japanese department stores, Sakura has evolved into its own brand of fine leather goods designed in house under the direction of the family matriarch.

Past Exhibitor: Woodpecker

Past Exhibitor: Ban Inoue

Past Exhibitor: Tempomobiles

Past Exhibitor: Sakiori Chicka

Past Exhibitor: Ujoyaki

Past Exhibitor: LeSENT

The brand was created in 2020 to provide advanced care in its most humble way. Our formulas are safe for daily use and designed to deliver utmost efficacy of what essential oils have to offer.

Past Exhibitor: Tezukuri Marche

Past Exhibitor: Fujigoke

Past Exhibitor: Monoai

Past Exhibitor: Studio Zok

Past Exhibitor: Iwatemo

Past Exhibitor: Touch Classic

Past Exhibitor: Misoka

Past Exhibitor: + lab

Past Exhibitor: Ceramic Japan

Past Exhibitor: Daitoushingu

Past Exhibitor: Ohkan Kagaku Kogyosyo

Past Exhibitor: ORIGAMI

Past Exhibitor: Nihon Lock Service

Past Exhibitor: Lunaire

Past Exhibitor: Shikki Isuke

Past Exhibitor: Nihon Sweden

Past Exhibitor: Hattando Incense Stick

Past Exhibitor: Shinto Towel

Past Exhibitor: Koizumi Glass

Past Exhibitor: Hasami Porcelain

Past Exhibitor: S/N

Past Exhibitor: Motoshige

Past Exhibitor: Toyo Glass

Past Exhibitor: Toyama Hamono

Past Exhibitor: BUNBUKU

Past Exhibitor: Soil

Past Exhibitor: ITO BINDERY

Past Exhibitor: Toyo Steel

Past Exhibitor: ecuvo

Past Exhibitor: ATELIER T_Tree

Past Exhibitor: Pansy

Past Exhibitor: Kishimoto Kichiji Shouten

Past Exhibitor: Yamachiku

Past Exhibitor: HACHI, ICHI, JIU

Past Exhibitor: WEMO

Past Exhibitor: TRIAD Omoshiroi Block

Past Exhibitor: Spring Spring

Past Exhibitor: CORINO 2.9-1.0 

Past Exhibitor: ORI-EN

Past Exhibitor: Tsuki Usagi

Past Exhibitor: Mokuneji

Past Exhibitor: 8.6.4

Past Exhibitor: Paper Project

Past Exhibitor: ON the UMAMI

Past Exhibitor: CARBON-izm

Past Exhibitor: TSUNO TSUNO Family

Past Exhibitor: line-R

Past Exhibitor: Archived

Past Exhibitor: ICHIREI