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The DECO BOKO physical trade show will be held in NY NOW®︎ February 4-7th, 2024 and we will exhibit emerging and established Japanese brands to showcase their latest collections of home goods, furniture and objects!



Experience the DECO BOKO Market—an exclusive showcase of Japanese design and gifts. Explore a diverse range of products and immerse yourself in the world of Japanese craftsmanship. Join us for this vibrant event OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.




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We take pride in curating a remarkable lineup of exhibitors representing the best of Japanese craftsmanship. Our carefully selected brands bring together a blend of timeless traditions and innovative designs. Discover a captivating collection of gifts, furniture, and home goods, showcasing the essence of Japanese artistry.

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Based in New York, DECO BOKO is the first wholesale tradeshow in the US that focuses on Japanese products in the design / gift industry.

The organizers of DECO BOKO are native to Japan, and have been helping Japanese brands and manufacturers to give them opportunities to succeed in the US market.
Although we have been seeing high potential in well made / designed Japanese products, there are often gaps between the Japanese brands and the American buyers that makes it hard to do business.

DECO BOKO is a phrase commonly used in Japan which means  “uneven”, and could also mean “filling in the gaps”.
The logo of DECO BOKO was created with New York based design studio, Studio Nework, inspired by this concept and the Japanese “Kanji” characters “凸凹”, which represents the word DECO BOKO.

We hope this show helps fill in the gaps between the Japanese brands and US buyers, for better transparency and fewer steps to achieve a business relationship for both parties.



Inviting speakers who have been inspired by Japanese products, as well as exhibitor’s behind the scenes talks. DECO BOKO Speaks will share rare and exclusive contents about the industry.

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OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! DECO BOKO Market is a retail pop-up experience where people can physically see and purchase the products that are exhibited at the DECO BOKO tradeshow and more.

Stay tuned for the upcoming market!

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DECO BOKO collaborates with companies that enhance and support our vision through partnerships bridging trade across Japan and the US.

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